parable of the polygons, a playable post on the shape of society
coming out simulator, a half-true story about half-truths
nothing to hide, a game where you are your own surveillance
neurotic neurons, an interactive animation on neurons & anxiety
simulating the world in emoji, an explorable explanation on systems thinking
it's a(door)able, a lovely one-minute minigame
sight & light, how to create 2D visibility/shadows for your game
the maginificent 2D matrix, an explorable explanation on 2D matrices
evolution not revolution, thoughts on systems thinking and social change
the other side, an info-comic about political psychology, and understanding others
explorable explanations, a hub for things that let you learn by doing
i do and i understand, a guide to making educational games
how to simulate the universe in 134 easy steps, my openvizconf 2016 talk
on chaos, my xoxo 2015 talk
systems, stories & shenanigans, my eyeo 2015 talk
on emergence, my opening keynote for eyeo 2016