explorable explanations, a hub for learning through play
how to remember anything forever-ish, an interactive comic on the science of memory
the evolution of trust, an interactive guide to the game theory of why & how we trust each other
parable of the polygons, a playable post on the shape of society
we become what we behold, a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles
the wisdom and/or madness of crowds, an interactive guide to human networks
loopy, a tool to make your own simulations of systems – by drawing them
coming out simulator, a half-true story about half-truths
fireflies, a small, serene simulation of self-synchronization
attractor landscapes, an interactive introduction
to build a better ballot, an interactive guide to alternative voting systems
neurotic neurons, an interactive animation on neurons & anxiety
sight & light, how to create 2D visibility/shadows for your game
emoji simulator, a tool to make cellular automata, using emoji
the magnificent 2D matrix, an explorable explanation on 2D matrices
it's a(door)able, a lovely one-minute minigame
joy.js, a tool for making happy little programs
i am become anime, a webcam toy i made for the 2018 stupid sh*t nobody needs hackathon
how to become a centaur, an essay published in the MIT Journal of Design & Science
how do we learn? a cognitive science zine
explorable explanations: design patterns, a list of ideas for educational interactives
take your time, a short story inspired by my burning out
the lamps, a short story of friendship in a world that's too busy
jigsaw puzzles, a short comic about confirmation bias & changing minds
environment ⇆ economy, an interactive guide to the eco-pragmatist philosophy
the other side, an info-comic about political psychology, and understanding others
evolution not revolution, thoughts on systems thinking and social change
i do and i understand, a guide to making educational games
seeing whole systems, my Long Now talk
how to simulate the universe in 134 easy steps, my openvizconf 2016 talk
on chaos, my xoxo 2015 talk
systems, stories & shenanigans, my eyeo 2015 talk