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August 2022:

After 2 years of procrastinating on this project... it's finally out! My first post-burnout-hiatus interactive thingy:

πŸ₯œ Nutshell: make *expandable* explanationsΒ  πŸ₯œ
πŸ‘‰ https://ncase.me/nutshell/ πŸ‘ˆ

This is a tool for writers, to let their readers dive into details. Not shown in the above .gif, are two other "killer features": 1) you can embed snippets of text from other authors & websites, even stuff written years ago! And 2) you can embed interactives, YouTube videos, and the intros of Wikipedia articles.

If you're writing a blog, news articles, code documentation, educational material, etc... I hope Nutshell helps you help your readers.

(See you next month... for explainers written with Nutshell!)

~ Nicky Case

June 2022:

Hi all!  I wasn't joking when I said this is a low-volume newsletter.

It's been 26 months since my last letter, and that's because I was on burnout-hiatus. I'm back now! And I've got for you, an 18-minute-long mini-talk I gave at Stanford, on how to explain complex ideas well:


One-slide summary:

I hope this talk is useful for you... or at least entertaining!

~ Nicky Case

May 2020:

Here you go, the most "deep dive" explorable I've ever made – epidemiology 101, the proposed COVID-19 interventions, and some best/worst-case-scenarios... explained with playable pictures:

😷 β€œWhat Happens Next?” (30 min read/play) 😷
πŸ‘‰ https://ncase.me/covid-19/ πŸ‘ˆ

This was made in collaboration with epidemiologist Marcel SalathΓ©!  And if you'd like, here's a tweet with video trailer, for your re-tweeting pleasure.

I hope this interactive guide gives you hope – not the "downplay danger" kind, but the "here's a sword and shield" kind.  We can still beat COVID-19, in a way that also protects our mental & financial health.

Stay safe, and fight on, y'all.

~ Nicky Case

Sep 2019:


🐺 https://ncase.me/anxiety/  πŸΊ
😱 free, web, 30 min playtime  πŸ˜±

And if you (or someone you know) is struggling, and looking to tame that wolf – I've also written a "companion piece" for this game, with Mental Health Tips & Resources + a personal story of my own mental health journey!

I sincerely hope this story-game is helpful to you and/or folks close to you. To whoever you are: you're not alone in this, stay determined, good luck. πŸ’–

~ Nicky Case

May 2019:

After a year of being dead, the Nicky Newsletter is back! With a brand-new demo of an interactive story, about a human with anxiety disorder.

You play as the anxiety disorder.

🐺 (Demo. Playtime: 7 min) 🐺

Also, since it's been 13 months since I killed this newsletter (due to cost issues), I understand if you don't want more updates! If you don't, no need to do anything! If you do want to stay updated, please re-consent here: [re-consent link]

Either way, thank you for supporting me thus far!

~ Nicky Case