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Archive Ant says: Don't binge! When consuming media, remember to chew slowly, and take time between "meals" to digest. To mix my metaphors more, give your eyes & mind frequent breaks. Thank you!

Here's all the major projects I've ever put online, as far as I (care to) recall. Note: the further back you scroll, the cringier it gets. You've been warned.


ai safety for fleshy humans – a whirlwind tour, in three acts


nothing. burnout. :(


nutshell – a tool to make expandable explanations
how to explain things real good – a Stanford mini-talk
the femboy hooters jingle – a musical animation i made mid-pandemic coz i'm so lonely
cute gay nerd – a free album of silly songs i made mid-pandemic
double slit simulation – a tiny explanation-free sim, made in 2 days for a pal


nada, nothing, zilch. i was on a long burnout-hiatus.


what happens next? – covid-19 futures, explained with playable simulations
protecting lives & liberty – how contact tracing apps can foil both COVID-19 & Big Brother
make plushie patterns with play-doh & paper towels – a craftsy tutorial


what did i learn this decade? – personal reflections from 2010 to 2019
adventures with anxiety – an interactive story about anxiety, where you are the anxiety
mental health tips ft. anxiety wolf – my mental health journey, some science & practical tips
curse of the chocolate covered broccoli – on emotion in learning
lone wolf – a short story about a werewolf who just wants to make some dang coffee
lizard person – a tiny story in a tiny diner
does guessing first improve memory? – a randomized-controlled web experiment


parable of the hill climber – the most Peak Nicky thing i've ever written
how to remember anything forever-ish – an interactive comic on the science of memory
the explorables jam – a 3-week jam to make something to help folks learn by play
i am become anime – a webcam toy i made for the 2018 Stupid Sh*t Nobody Needs hackathon
the wisdom and/or madness of crowds – an interactive guide to human networks
attractor landscapes – a playful introduction
how to become a centaur – an essay published in the MIT Journal of Design & Science


joy.js – a tool for making happy little programs
seeing whole systems – my Long Now talk
the evolution of trust – an interactive guide to the game theory of why & how we trust each other
fireflies – a small, serene simulation of self-synchronization
loopy – a tool to make your own simulations of systems, by drawing them


to build a better ballot – an interactive guide to alternative voting systems
we become what we behold – a game about news cycles, vicious cycles, infinite cycles
how to simulate the universe in 134 easy steps – a talk i gave about systems thinking


emoji simulator – a tool to make cellular automata, with emoji
neurotic neurons – an interactive animation on neurons & anxiety
i am ink – an experimental 2.5D animation I did for Mozilla VR
explorable explanations – a hub for learning through play
it's a(door)able – a lovely one-minute minigame


parable of the polygons – a playable post on the shape of society
coming out simulator – a half-true story about half-truths
the magnificent 2D matrix – an explorable explanation on 2D matrices
sight & light – how to create 2D visibility/shadows for your game
nothing to hide (demo) – [A PUZZLE GAME I NEVER FINISHED MAKING]

And Before That

pony wings – the first HTML5 game I ever made and it's a pony clone of a mobile game ughhhh
:the game: – some stupid Flash game I made when I was 13 that got inexplicably popular
a christmas game – the first Flash game I ever put online and it's a clone of Snake ughhh

All my oldest Flash games & movies, bizarrely, still survive on Newgrounds. Let them be a reminder of my humble beginnings and/or a cautionary tale.